Who are we ?

From LOHR Defense to SOFRAME

LOHR DEFENSE, the Security and Defence branch of the LOHR Group, was created in 1978 and evolved to become SOFRAME in 2000.  


Since it was created, Soframe has notably established an international presence, offering products recognised for their innovative, reliable, durable nature, in most cases produced through international partnerships.


SOFRAME has a dynamic sales and marketing team able to understand and address the specific needs of the market, and a highly qualified design office to design flexible, innovative solutions. To this end, Soframe draws on the industrial capabilities of the LOHR Group, which are pooled to offer a high level of flexibility and responsiveness.


Our communications policy is first and foremost focused on customer satisfaction. We strive to produce great products which are reliable, durable and adapted to need.

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Today, SOFRAME aims to design, develop, produce and market protected mobility tactical and logistics solutions for the Defence and Security services. 

Today, Soframe is :

World leader

in the design and production of armoured solutions and armoured cabs

World leader

in water cannon riot control vehicles

Major European exporter

of wheeled armoured military vehicles

French company with an international reputation

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