Our values

Moral values, certainly those for which there can be no compromise, because human beings are at the heart of our company and must remain so. These values can be broken down into honesty, trust, loyalty, etc. but ultimately, it is simply a question of respect and a taste for work, our work, well done. It is up to each of us to watch over our company’s human capital, which is first and foremost a capital of innovation, motivation and enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Robert Lohr

Our vision

At Soframe, our vision is to support and serve those who risk their lives to protect ours and provide a bastion for our collective values and our freedom. 


More than in most other activity sectors, this vision accompanies our business as designers of protected tactical and logistics vehicles.


Indeed, our production reflects our culture, which is based on the convictions injected into the group by its founder, Robert Lohr. We make sure these convictions are passed down from generation to generation of employees, as they have been since 1963. They revolve around human ethics relative to the place of people in human society and their sustainable future in their environment. 

Our commitments

Our raison d’être is based on trust: the mutual trust of our employees acting responsibly towards each other in their respective roles, the trust we have earned from our customers in the satisfaction of their requirements and the trust of our suppliers in the reliability of the smooth running activities we conduct with them.

This trust is the result of a firm commitment in the following fields: social approach, health and safety, quality, ethics.

Social approach

Because we place human beings at the focus of our concerns, we are committed to honouring the original meaning of the word “society”, i.e. that of a community of people sharing their experience, their know-how and their drive for the common good in order to develop it and enrich it. 

The social approach desired by Robert Lohr, the group’s founder, remains the main driving force of the company. Above all, this stems from a sharing community where personal development contributes to the common goal. 

This development is deeply embedded in our diversity. Nonetheless, Alsace and its industrial tradition continues to run through our culture. 

Our pleasure in working together to satisfy our customers means that the latter are also stakeholders in the human equation which underlies the accomplishment of our projects. 

Health and safety

Because human beings are at the focus of our concerns, we categorically exclude from our work community anything which could harm the physical or mental integrity of our employees and partners. There can be no development without safety. Safety concerns everyone and therefore it is everyone’s responsibility.


Quality is an integral part of our mindset, that of pride in work well done. Our human values of respect are reflected by our trust in the fact that each person scrupulously fulfils their tasks. We firmly believe in the fact that global quality is the sum of individual qualities. Therefore our customers’ satisfaction depends on the commitment of each and every one of us. Everyone feels responsible for our company. 


Ethics underpins our social approach, guarantees the place and safety of everyone in the working community and ultimately determines quality. Nothing can be achieved without values and ideals, particularly respect for people and the environment, loyalty of people in their environment and solidarity of people with their environment. From this trio stems our dignity and from this dignity results the firm ambition to tackle our challenges with a positive attitude. This is how our resilience is built.   

Our expertise

Soframe develops human and technical expertise which is constantly adapting to the latest technologies.

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