Multi-role armored vehicles

APC 13t

ARAM – Armoured Ambulance

The ARAM is a heavily protected mobile 4x4 ambulance.

APC 14.5t

ARIVE – Armoured Infantry Vehicle

ARIVE is a multi-purpose protected vehicle designed to carry an infantry combat group. 

APC 19t

SAKHAR – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

Balance between firepower and high survivability the SAKHAR, military vehicle, easy to use, s designed to carry out operations in all theatres, thanks to its high road capabilities.

APC light

CLV – Command and Liaison Vehicle

The CLV is a protected, all-terrain 4x4 pick-up truck, featuring great versatility. 

APCL – Armoured Personal Carrier Light

The APCL is a protected rapid intervention vehicle designed to operate in extremely entangled areas and very varied terrains.