Our story

A story that goes back to 1976


Fardier FL 500

Development and production of the Fardier, a light, all-terrain logistics support vehicle for airborne troops. It can transport supplies, ordnance and personnel with their equipment, or evacuate casualties.


Creation of LOHR DEFENSE

The security and defence branch of the LOHR Group.


RPX 3000

Light, high-mobility, armoured 4x4 vehicle in the 3-tonne class designed for reconnaissance and support missions.


RPX 6000

The vehicle can carry up to 6 people and can be used as a reconnaissance vehicle, a platform for the deployment of various weapons or as a law enforcement vehicle.


Radar RAC

LOHR Defense develops and mass-produces a stabilised structure able to deploy and implement the radar at a height of 12 metres in complete autonomy.


SMC 40

LOHR Defense develops and produces the SCM 40 tank carrier. Robust and multi-purpose, it can transport combat vehicles weighing up to 40 tonnes on all types of terrain.


Programme VTL

First large military contract with the French army. The VTL was a defining project for the organisation of the group’s industrial tool and the flexible, pooled design of its workshops.



Development and production of an automatic hydraulic stabilisation system for anti-ship missile firing unit quick operation setup. Vehicles developed as part of a programme in partnership with AEROSPATIALE, now MBDA.


RMTS 7.5 trailers

All-terrain trailer designed to transport 10’ or 20’ shelters without rollers. In the French armed forces, it is used to transport field hospitals.


PLST trailers

This trailer is the American 3-axle version of the RMTL from the VTL programme. Trailer produced under license by OSHKOSH in the United States.



Development and production of a road-laying system in partnership with KRAUSS-MAFFEI. This system can be used to cross wet or unstable and difficult areas of ground

1990 - 1995


The LEGUAN bridge-layer is a vehicle designed for the transportation and installation of a rigid 26-metre bridge. Designed in partnership with MAN and KRUPP.



Development and mass-production of armoured law enforcement vehicles for export. Fitted out in troop transport version (14 people) and in command version.



The VLA is a light, multi-function 4x4 vehicle specifically designed for air mobility. It is able to carry a significant payload and is used by the Dutch special forces.


VID 12000

Development and production of 6x6 intervention and dispersal vehicles (VID). The reduced crew of three personnel operate from a protected pressurised cab. In service with the French National Police.


Dedicated 120 mm mortar flatrack system

Flatrack system on tracked or wheeled vehicles for the rapid setup of 120 mm mortars.


SMC 70

LOHR Defense develops and produces the SCM 70 tank carrier. Robust and multi-purpose, it can transport combat tanks weighing up to 70 tonnes on all types of terrain.


RP 2.5 trailers

Modular, multi-purpose all-terrain trailer. This air-mobile trailer can be towed by most tactical military trucks in service. 1,200 trailers of this type were delivered to the French army.



Law enforcement van. Designed to transport a team of 26 personnel over long distances. It is specially equipped for long operational deployment.


WLP flatrack system

Intended for the German army and developed in coordination with BWB and CARGOBULL, it is designed for the transportation of varied loads.



The SRPB armoured vehicle semi-trailer was designed to enable the transportation of battle tanks. Its maximum payload is 60 tonnes on roads and on all types of track.


VID 5000

Development and production of light 4x4 intervention and dispersal vehicles (VID) specially designed for riot control missions in highly mobile units. In service with the Swiss National Police.


IFR flatrack system

System specifically developed for the German army in cooperation with BWB and CARGOBULL. It is mainly intended for artillery ordnance logistics. Compatible with ISO 20’ container transport (with its ordnance).



LOHR DEFENSE, the security and defence branch of the LOHR Group, becomes SOFRAME.


SMC 64

Soframe develops and produces the SCM 64 tank carrier. Robust and multi-purpose, it can transport combat tanks weighing up to 64 tonnes on all types of terrain.


VID 7000

Development and production of medium-capacity intervention and dispersal vehicles (VID). In service with the Swiss National Police.



Development and production in partnership with MBDA of a transporter equipped with a mechanical and functional interface for the ATLAS radar system. The system is equipped with hydraulic stabilisation.



High-mobility, multi-purpose, armoured 4x4 vehicle designed and produced for export needs. In one of its versions in particular, it deploys the MISTRAL 2 anti-aircraft missile system.


PPT programme (PPLOG and PPLD)

In partnership with IVECO, SOFRAME develops and produces the PPLOG (multi-purpose logistics transporter) and PPLD (multi-purpose heavy recovery transporter) protected vehicles and the RLOG trailer (logistics trailer).


MICA system

Development and deployment in cooperation with MBDA of protected vehicles for MICA missile batteries: VLU (firing vehicle), RELOADER (reloading), PCP (command) and IMPCP (radar).

1993 - 2013

Heavy wheeled artillery system

Soframe participates with GIAT Industries in the integration of a heavy artillery piece onto a 6x6 chassis. 130 units are produced for export needs.


VID 12000 S

Development and production of large capacity, heavily protected intervention and dispersal vehicles (VID). Over 150 units delivered for export.